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Italia, Bella Italia. One of the countries most sightseeing in the world! Among the most quoted and desired, everyone want to know at least one Italian city throughout his life. Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan. Ranging from taste to taste … but what really should be included as a mandatory script in your backpack is 5terre .

5 Terre – World Heritage of Humanity

Located on the Riviera Ligure between Levanto and Portovenere, comprises the communes of Monterosso, Vernazza, Riomaggiore with the districts of Corniglia and Manarola. Are characterized by mountainous terrain near the sea. Typical of this area are the terraces due to the particular agricultural technique used to enjoy as much as possible the land with great inclination.

Cinque-Terre DSC06446

Given the little endowed with road infrastructure location, the easiest access is by rail. All five locations are arranged on the railway line Genoa -La Spezia and have a station (buy one ticket and enjoy stopping in each city), or make the path by traditional Sentieri (trekkings) that connects them. The main one being via dell’amore or love road, which refers to history of being connected to the railroad and was used in the early 1900s to deposit the shooting powder used in the construction between Riomaggiore and Manarola. A stretch of approximately 1 km between the two cities reveals the charm and an air of eternal Italian romanticism.

DSC06389 DSC06414

The best way to visit Cinque Terre is on foot walking through the so-called “sentiero azzurro (SVA) ” (about five hours).

DSC06437 DSC06415

But for the more adventurous explorers and recommend the ” sentiero delle alta via delle Cinque Terre (AV5T)”.There are also proposals on rings, all routes can be checked by the next figure


And also by the official link:


Detailing stretch time stretch , which are released , distance , etc.The entrance to the Parco , has a cost of 5 euros. The best way to reach the area is via train frim Genoa or from La Spezia. There are many hostels within the 5 Terre, but with a more expensive cost. If you stop or in Levanto or Portovenere may you pay a more affordable price. There are also many campsites in the region and you might not want to pay for one, so you can camp amid the high trails (discreetly).

Eat in the villages is the best thing to do! We bought pizza and white wine (cold one), also a beer, in local businesses and went to the edge of the cliffs eat. Delish! There is nothing better, than food, that Italy can offer you !!!


Enjoy and go in the summer, so you go to the beaches (wonderful) , but avoid the month of August, especially the week of the 15th. But if you want a lot of movement, mess, party, fireworks, full moon, this is the best date it.


Try to speak a little Italian, their behavior changes, and become the most charismatic people of the earth. I confess that I am Italian (body and soul), I can´t deny, and since I learned the Italian language my relationship with the Italian people completely changed.

Allora, fai il bravo!

I lived two years in Italy and met almost all country, and we can answer the first question again. What are the best places to see in Italy? 5terre certainly is in the top 3, perhaps dividing position with the Amalfi Coast.

People who go to Florence generally go to Pisa too, I say and repeat, Pisa has nothing beyond the tower. If time is short  skip Pisa and go to 5terre!


The only train that arrive there are regional, no high-speed trains! So search in http://www.trenitalia.it and don´t forget to “convalidare” your ticket .

Buonviaggio! Ci vediamo presto!

Portuguese version:



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